Suffering from Mosquitos and can't find a reliable repellent on the market?

No more annoying mosquitos, flies and moths! 

This amazing invention Mosquitron is the best solution against insects and itchy bumps. 

Why is this the definite solution against mosquitos and other bugs?

For a number of years, people were relying on chemical sprays, lotions, potions, and pills to stop bugs from pestering them in their own homes, backyards, and on camping trips. The average family is known to spend a substantial amount of money on pest removal, control, repellents, and poisons, only to find the problem either doesn't go away or just gets worse.   

And the worst part is: Do you really know what's in these chemical pest repellant products? How can you be sure, that it's not only killing the pests, but also harming your family.

Mosquitron does everything a typical bug zapper, repellent or chemical deterrent can't: remove bugs. If you have a problem with flies, moths, and mosquitos lingering around your family causing no end of grief, Mosquitron can be an effective solution.

Mosquitron – Revolutionary UV Light Insect Zapper!

Powerful and Simple!

Mosquitron runs on power from your plug outlet, computer, or powerbank through USB. As a result, you don't need to worry about charging batteries or replacing them.

Instead, just ensure you have a powerbank or USB outlet handy, and let Mosquitron do the rest.

It lures insects in with its UV light, then zaps them with Phototaxis wavelengths. Instead of batting them away as you eat dinner or enjoy time outside, you can let Mosquitron do all the hard work - without the use of a single chemical...

Once they are inside Mosquitron, they are out of sight and out of mind. To remove them, you simply unscrew the bottom of the Mosquitron and tip it out in a trash can. You can then let it get back to doing what it does best: protecting your family.

What makes Mosquitron so revolutionary?

People that use Mosquitron daily, benefit from its portability, price, health benefits and ease of use!


Efficient and Portable you can take it anywhere - outside, on holiday, camping, in the car, everywhere your family goes.

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Mosquitron is more effective and healthy 

compared to other repellents.

Mosquitron is more effective and healthy compared to other repellents.

While chemical sprays and plug-in repellents might work, they often have a pungent odor, and may even be harmful to your family's health. 

If a concoction of chemicals can knock out a mosquito problem immediately, what would they be doing to your health as you breathe it in?

Mosquitron does not use chemicals to get rid of the problem. It's hygienic and easy to clean and can be used anywhere.

In fact, thousands of customers swear that bugs are no match for Mosquitron.


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Mosquitron is changing the way 

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No need for special plugs or charges. Any known USB plug works.

USB or wall plug power

Carry it anywhere. Compact and lightweight, you can take it with you.

Portable and compact

Ecological. Doesn't use any chemicals.

Efficient on power, but powerful to use

With elegant design you can have it in your office, living room, bedroom, bathroom or any other place you'd like! 

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